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The Expat Chinwag is a podcast and YouTube series all about expat life! Each episode discusses a different aspect about living abroad!

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Sunday Dec 22, 2019

In this episode I share 10 things I like about living in the USA.  Some are quite big differences from the UK and others are silly little things that bring me a little bit of happiness!

Sunday Dec 15, 2019

Trigger warning.  Literally.  In this episode I discuss 2 types of crimes that come up a lot in conversation when thinking about the USA and the UK.  This is completely my opinion and me TRYING to get my head around thoughts of people that just shrug off mass murders because it's now become an everyday occurrence.  Guess what, we have mental health problems in the UK too and how many mass murders due to a certain weapon have we had lately? I'll give you a clue.  Zero.

Sunday Dec 08, 2019

If you're an expat, you may be very used to long travel days to visit home!  In this episode, I give a little insight as to what my travel days are like when I visit the UK from the USA...and the return trip!

Sunday Dec 01, 2019

Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a tough time of year of expats what with being away from family and friends.  In this episode I share some of my British Christmas traditions, what Christmas is like as an expat in America and how I bring some of my old traditions to the USA.

Sunday Nov 24, 2019

Lets address the elephant in the room and talk about homesickness, something that I feel like many of us expats have to suffer in silence.  Regardless of whether you've been living as a permanent expat for a few years or 20 years, we all experience it as some point.

Sunday Nov 17, 2019

What it's like suddenly having to celebrate certain 'holidays' that you've never had to celebrate before!

Monday Nov 11, 2019

When you're an expat, even shopping can be a pain!  Not only is there a different currency, which granted you ignore after a while, but then there are taxes and size differences which can be a bit of an annoyance!

Sunday Nov 03, 2019

In theory both countries speak English but my goodness is there a language barrier!! Being an expat my mind is constantly working in 2 different countries.  Here are some of the language differences (and a few other differences!) between the UK and USA!

Ep11. Halloween In The USA

Sunday Oct 27, 2019

Sunday Oct 27, 2019

Halloween in the USA is like a huge crazy celebration!  This is my opinion of what it's like from the British perspective.  I'll give you a clue...I'm the Halloween version of a bah-humbug!

Sunday Oct 20, 2019

As an expat I do a lot of international travel, who am I kidding, before I was an expat I did a lot of international travel too!  In this episode I share some of my favourite destinations around the world and travel tips and hacks, especially for when it comes to flying long haul!

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